Pyramids and Sphinx

Giza pyramids & Sphinx  The last remaining wonder of the ancient world: the Great Pyramid of Keops and the smaller pyramids of Kephren and Mykerinos. The ancient Egyptian aim in building the Pyramids was that they should preserve & protect the bodies of the Pharaoh for they believed in resurrection and immortality.You will see the magnificent and enigmatic Sphinx, which can be reached by walking through the Valley Temple: a mythical statue with the face of a man and the body of a Lion. 

Egyptian Museum

   King tut maskThe most famous museum in Egypt and a real must for any stay in Cairo.  It was built during the reign of Khedive Abbas Helmi II in 1897, and opened on November 15, 1902. View some of the most breathtaking antiquities on earth, including the golden treasures of Tutankhamen such as jewels, headdresses, alabaster vases and toys from ancient Egypt. Many priceless statues and other artifacts can also be seen. A special hall for the royal mummies was opened at the museum, housing eleven Kingsand Queens as Ramsès II et V, Séti Ier, Thoutmosis II et IV.

Sound and Light at Giza Pyramids

sound & light show - giza pyramids Each visit to the pyramids and the Sound and Light show is an enchanting experience not to be missed.We may never know exactly how the magnificent pyramids were built. The Riddle of the Sphinx may remain one of the world’s oldest mysteries.We are visiting the pyramids in the 21st century, thousands of years after they were built, and they will continue to endure for generations.

the alabaster mosque of Mohamed ali

alabster mosque  Mohamed Ali Mosque is the em­blem of the Cairo Governorate. Mohamed Ali (1769-1849) was born in Cavalia, Greece, and was of Albanian origin. He was a soldi­er in the troops that were sent to Egypt to free the country from Napoleon's occupation and took part in the land battle of Abou Kir on the 25th of July 1799. In 1808 he was the commander of the Al­banian troops in Egypt. In 1805 the Egyptians revolted against Wali Khourshid and Mo­hamed Ali took over.

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