Aswan Travel Guide

900 km south Cairo is Aswan, capital of Nubia, whose charm is combined with the beauty of the site. The Nile, after the 1st cataract widens in several arms strewn with islands as the island of Philae where formerly the temple of the Isis goddess was built on.
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luxor temple
The granite was extracted in Aswan & was used for the construction of obelisks. The old careers and the unfinished obelisk give us an idea of the clever process used by the former Egyptians for this extraction.
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nile felucca
Sail by felucca to the Botanical Gardens on Elephantine Island where Consul-General Kitchener indulged his passion for exotic flora, importing shrubs, trees and seeds from as far a field as India and Malaysia.  It is pleasant to walk along the island’s shady paths, enjoying its fragrance and a variety of bird life before taking another...
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This Temple was dismantled and reassembled on Agelika island about 500m from its original home on Philae Island in the wake of the High Dam.The Temple dedicated to the Goddess “Isis”, is in a beautiful setting, which has been landscaped  its original site. Its various shrines and sanctuaries, which include a temple of “Hathor”, a...
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philae temple
At each Philae Sound and Light show, the Egyptian gods and goddesses are, like Osiris, resurrected before our eyes to tell us their life stories. What would Isis say today if she learned that her temple was allowed to sit in water for many years? She would not be happy with this, but she would...
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abu simbel temple
Three hundred and twenty kilometers from Aswan in Nubia is to be found Abu Simbel the most beautiful and imaginative con­struction of the greatest and most whimsical pharaoh in Egyptian history. This temple is dedicated in theory to Amen-Ra, Harmakis and Ptah but in practice it was con­structed for the greater glory of its builder,...
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