Egypt Nile River Cruise Packages

Egypt Nile River Cruise Packages

Nile Cruise Packages – in the footsteps of Tutankhamun the land of the pharaohs and pyramids fascinates with its overwhelming monuments from the times of ancient Egypt and the fantastic fauna along the Nile. The Nile Cruise – Geographical location and travel time

With a length of around 6,671 kilometers, the Nile rises in the mountains of Ethiopia and Victoria Lake and flows into the Mediterranean.

On this long journey, it flows through the states of Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt.

The best travel time for the adventure of the Nile cruise is between October and Apri

Nile Cruise Package Tours

Nile cruises – cities and places of interest  Starting in “Luxor”, one encounters one of the absolute highlights of Egypt: probably the largest, a religious temple complex on earth – the “Karnak Temple”. You can also admire the mystical “Valley of the Kings”, the necropolis of Egypt, in which mainly the magnificent rock tombs of the rulers of the New Kingdom can be found.

The Nile Cruises takes you to “Edfu”. From here you can visit the best-preserved temple in the country, the “Temple of Horus”.
In “Kom Ombo” you can see the symmetrically divided “double temple” For Horus And Sobik. The camel market is also worth a visit.
Further south, “Aswan” offers a particularly attractive destination on the Nile cruise with approximately four kilometers long and approx.
111 meters high “Aswan Dam”.
The journey to “Abu Simbel” leads across the world-famous “Nasser Lake”. The most important building in Egypt,
namely the mighty rock temple of Ramses the Great, the “Temple of Abu Simbel”, was once built here. Four gigantic,
21-meter-high statues of the pharaoh are enthroned protectively at the gate of the temple.

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