What you should know before traveling to Egypt

Logically  Egypt may be the most complete holiday destination.

Egypt is one of the most important Arab countries, and has a predominantly Muslim population with a large Christian community.

One of the characteristics of the Egyptian culture is the hospitality with which Egyptians meet visitors. Perhaps this will sway you when you are trying to decide where to visit on your next holiday. and going out to meet friends, why not find out a bit more about this wonderful country. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to travel here, and you will not want to miss a thing.

The official language is Arabic. English, French and German is spoken quite well


Money matters

The local currency is the Egyptian pound (LE), subdivided in 100 piaster. THE LE are approximately worth around € 0.18 . Travellercheques in US-dollars are almost everywhere accepted, just like cash in US-dollars and euro the most of hotels have ATM machines.

Only the disadvantage of this is that the rate is not updated daily. Credit cards are more and more accepted at hotels and (souvenir) shops. We guess you to cash US-dollars if euro so that to bring with, you

You change the last couple days not too much money, change the pounds are with difficulty, and the rate is unfavorable. On Friday banks and government institutions have been closed, except on larger airports.

Egypt has a typical desert climate. That means that there little falls to no rain and the temperature can increase by day to large altitude. at night however it cools down frequently considerably. In the summer there temperatures of around the 35 degrees dominate and in the winter it is there around the 15 degrees. Generally applies that it can become in the north in the winter cold whereas it is in the south always nicely. As from September up to and including April the most comfortable months are in Egypt travel.

Just like in U.S & Eurobe the voltage in Egypt 220V. Some outlets are only suitable for plugs with thin poles, so that an adapter /adaptor is needed.

The charm of travel is discovering other countries with their whole other way of life, habits and mentality. often funny but sometimes even less funny situations. With patience reach you more than with angry become. Remaining is pleasantly frequently the best remedy and expects all that on couple and jumped regular is. The term Inshal’allah is used in Egypt gladly and can rather be translated as perhaps the same day, differently tomorrow. An Egyptian living in a different pace than we are accustomed.. you’ll enjoy this fascinating country with its centuries old culture and its people really friendly.

Of course it is nice take along souvenirs but, in spite of that you can buy certain matter, however, you cannot carry out them. Thus it is at strictest prohibitions carry out antiquities. However, you can buy everywhere nice copies for reasonable prices. Also prohibited the coral is, set up fish and even take along shells. In short we can put all that what comes along from the sea, are prohibited remove the country. You do this nevertheless then risk you a strong fine. Gold is in Egypt not expensive and the jewels have been well finished. The quality of the carpets is world famous.

Telephone and Internet

Nowadays you can in each tourist place or an internet cafe. in addition, Egypt has a reasonable GSM network, so it probably does your cell phone. Question for the security even after your provider. Your provider may also tell you what the cheapest Egyptian network to co-call during your stay

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