Places you shouldn’t miss in Luxor

pyramids and valley of the kings tour

650 km south of Cairo is Luxor, the “museum city”, formerly Thebes, capital of the new Empire. Many archaeologists made known the richness of this city. On this archeological and historical site your dream of childhood will be carried out:

– to know the temple of Luxor with its famous obelisk

– To discover the temples of Karnak “the largest open museum of the world and its hypostyle room with 134 gigantic columns”.

– To admire polychrome paintings of the Valley of the Kings; those of the Valley of the Queens without forgetting the tombs of Noble, deir el Medineh, the workers¬† village, the temples of Deir El Bahari, Medinet Habou, Ramesseum…

And at one hour road from Luxor:

– Denderah the temple of Hathor, goddess of the joy and the love

– Edfu, the temple of falcon Horus

On the East Bank where the sun rise ( city of the life )
The East Bank

Spend a wonderful time visiting the most celebrated temples in Egypt, Karnak and Luxor. Karnak, and Luxor are two stunningly beautiful

temples not to be missed also you will be having chance for visiting luxor museum on the West Bank

where the sun rise, is the city of the Life

The West Bank in luxor

Cross the Nile to visit several tombs inThe Necropolis of Thebes

on the West Bank where the sun sets, is the city of the Dead ( Valley of the Kings & Queens )

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